Sir Stephen, slave Catherine, and slave Cathy


SIR STEPHEN, born in 1948, is a het, male Master whose M/s Household currently includes his collared slave, Catherine who has been in his service sine 2007, and slave Cathy who was admitted to the Household in 2013 and collared in 2014. He has been actively involved in the BDSM and Master/slave communities since 2008. His current memberships and affiliations include:

He was honored to be the recipient of the title of International Master 2005 and Northeast Master 2004. He was presented with the first Master Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award at the Master/slave Conference in 2010. He cherishes the opportunities the community provides to him as an educator.  His educational focus is on topics related to Master/slave Relationships and the Master/slave Community.

SLAVE CATHERINE has been honored to serve in the Household of Sir Stephen since 2007. She feels slavery is a radically different way to live her life that is fulfilling, productive and exciting. She is very glad she said "Yes" to the call.

slave catherine is very humbled to be the holder of the titles of International slave 2005, Northeast slave 2004; and to have been the recipient of the slave Heart Award 2007 and MAsT Member's Choice Award for Presenter of The Year 2008. Current organizational affilitiations:

SLAVE CATHY was admitted to the Household in 2013 and collared in 2014.

She serves as a Board Member of MAsT: Central NJ and as production assistant at the Master/slave Conference.





Sir Stephen and slave Catherine





Sir Stephen and slave Catherine



Sir Stephen, slave Cathy, slave Catherine


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