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Join the Household of Sir Stephen:

If you have a call to service The Household of Sir Stephen may be of interest to you.

The Household is a Master/slave, Service Oriented Household. It is based on the the model of a Victorian Manor in which Sir Stephen fulfills the role of the Lord of the Manor. The Household of Sir Stephen is maintained as a strict, safe, spiritually based; smoke, drug, alcohol, and disease free refuge for myself and those in service to Sir Stephen.

This Household is a well established, well respected Household in the NY/NJ lifestyle community.

You would be directly serving the Master of the Household and functioning as an aide under the Household's head servant. Uniforms will be required and supplied. Your gender, sexual orientation, age, and body shape are not a factor. The only requirements are: honesty, obedience, dependability, self discipline, submission, and loyalty.

After a trial period, you maybe offered an expanded role within the Household, on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your availability, and the Household's requirements. Sexual service is not a requirement for joining the Household.

Location: A Modest Home in New Jersey. If the idea of being a member of a Household that encourages personal and spiritual growth appeals to you...if the idea of being cared for and nurtured by more than one person appeals to you...if you have the capacity to harmoniously return caring and nurturing to more than one person...if you have skills that you believe would benefit the Household then download the Application Form.

Upon completing the form return it via email to

Upon receipt of you application we will contact you.