Basic Training From the slave's Perspective
Time Management and Other Topics of Interest to slave catherine


Welcome to my "home." I enjoy the time I spend here on-line chatting with friends. It allows me to stay in close touch with my many real-life and on-line lifestyle friends. However, it can also interfere with my ability to complete the tasks my Master has assigned to me. So, I have organized my time and tasks into manageable units alternating with time spent here. I invite any of you who wish to, to follow the regimen with me. We can have a great day of chat and still accomplish all the chores we have today! If I am not here when you arrive...wait just a few soon as I check off the next item on my list I'll be back. Then we can all chat for a bit before we return to our service.

For additional infromation as well as daily, weekly and monthly here.
Schedules are posted daily unless I am off-line for the day
attending to other responsibilities.

Yours in service with a joyful heart,
slave catherine