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Sir Stephen's Discussions:

Due to my involvement in various lifestyle organizations in NYC over the past several years I have had the privilege to be invited to speak or write about a number of topics.

I have authored the following and I offer them to anyone who cares to read them. I hope they will be of use to you in your personal and/or relationships.

Because they have been written over a span of time careful readers may note inconsistencies in my opinions. Well, I reserve to right to grow, change, and be inconsistent.

Functioning as the Facilitator for MAsT Metro I took the opportunity to post my thoughts on upcoming topics in an effort to stimulate on-line discussion, and promote greater attendance and livelier discussions at the meetings. I hope I was successful in that endeavor. The discussions that ensued at the actual meetings were went on at much greater length and offered a wonderful diversity of opinions. I urge anyone to join MAsT or similar groups in your area and participate in such exchanges.

Below are links to my posts:

Discussion of the "Principle of slave Identity" chapter in Guy Baldwin's book slavecraft.

Discussion of the "Principle of Obedience" chapter in Guy Baldwin's book slavecraft.

Discussion of the "Principle of Transparency" chapter in Guy Baldwin's book slavecraft.

Discussion of the "Principle of Humility" chapter in Guy Baldwin's book slavecraft.

Discussion of Training: Styles, Methods, and Goals

Discussion of Master/slave Courtship and Negotiation

Discussion of Management Styles

Discussion of The Place of Romance in Master/slave relationships

Below are links to notes I used in presenting to TES and DsF. The notes may or may not be fully comprehensible since they functioned as talking points for me. If you have any questions regarding them, or regarding any of the posts listed above, feel free to contact me via email for further clarifications.

Notes for a one one talk to TES on the subject of "D/s Without S&M"

Notes for a talk to DsF on the subject of "Maintaining a Long-Term D/s Relationship"

Several years ago, at DsF, I participated, along with slave catherine, in a panel discussion concerning "The Owner property Dynamic". It was our first public forum. I have recently found my answers, and I have done my best to reconstruct the questions from memory and based on the answers I had recorded.


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