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Household of Sir Stephen, Basic Code of Conduct:

1. All members of the Household will be Drug and Alcohol Free while in The Household.

2. All members of the Household are reminded that life, including training, is about Progress not Perfection.

3. All members of the Household will adhere to rigorous standards of honesty and honor. All forms dishonesty including: lying, withholding of information, misdirection, manipulation, etc. will be justification for punishment and may be cause for dismissal.

4. Theft will not be tolerated and will be cause for dismissal.

5. Violation of the rules governing fluid bonding as detailed below will be cause for dismissal.

6. The members of the Household of Sir Stephen will observe and uphold all local laws and ordinances.

7. Members of the Household should not speak ill of one another either within or outside of the Household. In the event that issues arise that lead to the disruption of personal or Household harmony, the affected member(s) should bring this to the attention of the Lord of the Manor and/or the other Household members in as positive a manner as possible. a. It is understood that some issues may arise that require guidance or support from outside the Household in order to be resolved. All members of the Household should feel free to seek out counsel and support as needed, but should not view this as an excuse to indiscriminately discuss Household concerns.

8. Gossip should be avoided at all times.

9. In almost all cases, observing common courtesy, common sense, and treating others as you would have them treat you will bring you into alignment with the standards of behavior expected from Master and servants alike.

10. The Master should act in a manner appropriate to his position as head of the Household and likewise the servants should act in a manner appropriate to their position.

11. A subdued manner is always pleasing to the eye and ear of the Master.

12. Obedience to the Head of the Household is required. It is my experience that obedience is based upon the development of Humility and initial training will focus upon the physical, emotional and spiritual basis for Humility and Submission.

13. The overall goal of members of the Household should be to contribute to the material, emotional and spiritual well-being of all members of the Household as well as the Lord of the Manor. The attainment of individual and Household serenity should be regarded as a guiding virtue.

14. It is understood that no member of the Household will be requested to perform any task that violates any law, nor will they be requested to participate in any activity that will cause permanent harm. If anyone is directed to perform any task that violates their personal beliefs they are permitted to request to be exempted from such tasks.


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