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Household of Sir Stephen, Credo:

We believe that the Household of Sir Stephen has a responsibility to itself and its members to fulfill those needs for which we have come together. To find the fulfillment we seek in giving and receiving superior service.

Further, and as important, we have a responsibility to the larger Master/slave community to act in harmony with other Households and to strive, always, to promote greater harmony within that community.

We recognize our responsibility to be of service to the individuals and organizations in our community whenever and wherever we can.

Finally, we share, with all the members of the Master/slave community, the responsibility to maintain an awareness of ourselves as representatives of our chosen community within the larger community in which we all exist. We accept the responsibility of doing whatever is possible to promote the truth of our Household, and other Master/slave Households, as the healthy, fulfilling, viable entities we know them to be.

We will project, to the world at large, the pride we feel in our Household and in our membership in the Master/slave community.


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