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Household of Sir Stephen, Roles and Responsibilities:


The Master will assume responsibility for the establishing and maintaining
the Household structures, rules, rituals, ceremonies, etc. needed for the
harmonious functioning of the Household.

The Master will be responsible for the financial stability of the Household.
This does not mean that the Master will be the sole support for the Household.

It is expected that all fulltime live-in Household members will make reasonable contributions
to the financial upkeep of the Household.

The Master will be responsible for the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of the servants.

The Master will be responsible for providing the servants with clear instructions as to their duties
and will be responsible for determining if the assigned duties are being properly performed.

The Master will be responsible for correction, punishment, or in extreme circumstances,
expulsion when servants fail to perform their assigned duties.


servants will comply with all rules of the Household.

servants will be responsible for performing assigned duties to the best of their ability as efficiently as possible.

servants will be responsible for informing the Master of anything they require in order to fulfill their duties,
including, but not limited to: material supplies (e.g. cleaning supplies),
additional support (either from within the Household or from outside resources),
physical support (if illness or medical conditions impair the servant's ability to perform
they must inform the Master immediately), etc.

servants are expected to arrive on time for all appointments, and perform all agreed upon tasks to the best of their ability.

servants will provide such service and perform such tasks as are requested of them in fair exchange for
Sir Stephen's time, attention and training services and expect no financial remuneration of any kind.


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