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REV. LESLIE: When you are married, you join hands and become one. As you walk through life together, remember that you are both unique and different from each other. Give your love openly and honestly. Value your differences as they helped to bring you together. Always respect and accept what the other has to say, even if you do not agree. Remember that you are two separate individuals. You are one; you are partners; you are living the same life; yet, your lives may be different. You have yourself and you have each other. Take time to enjoy every day that you share together and remember that each day is a new beginning. You will be sharing todays and tomorrows together and making each one more treasured and more complete than anyone could make alone. A marriage is a home interwoven with hopes, memories and dreams. The thankfulness and love it can bring have no comparison. In marriage, walk the path together, side by side whenever possible. Remember to hold each other when it is cold. If the air becomes too close, make a little space so each can breathe. When the path is narrow, pick one to lead. Trust you partner, trust yourself. For marriage is a journey that leads to great love. It is in this spirit that I welcome and greet you - and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Laws of God and the State of New York, I now pronounce you Stephen and catherine, to be husband and wife before God and all humanity. (To the couple) Please kiss each other.