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hese laws, and others at the state
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Further, we strongly urge anyone interested in attending
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Show your support of those of our freedoms currently under attack
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Our Disabled Links

The Purpose of These Links was intended to Provide Consenting Adults
Interested in Structured Relationships with Information
About Educational Organizations and Events
That we Have Found Useful.

National BDSM & Pansexual Organizations:

The National Leather Association - International
Does know how to reach the National organization?
Please let us know...all we can find now are the local groups.

Some New York City Area Groups:

MAsT (Masters and slave Together) National MAsT exists as an education,
support and resource group for individuals involved in, or interested in,
the Master/slave lifestyle. MAsT provides an opportunity and forum for
like-minded individuals to come together for discussion of issues that concern
Masters and slaves, to share ideas and gain and/or share knowledge of the Master/slave lifestyle.

MAsT Metro NY Sir Stephen and slave catherine are members of
the MAsT Metro NY group. Membership in this group is open to all, regardless of
gender or sexual orientation. The focus of the group is on issues related to the
establishment, and maintenance, of long-term M/s relationships. You do not need
to currently be in a relationship to attend meetings.

MAsT Metro provides an excellent opportunities to meet
slave catherine and Sir Stephen - make some new friends or catch up with old ones.

MAsT NYC - (Men's Only MAsT Chapter in NYC)

TES (The Eulenspiegel Society)
The nation's oldest BDSM support group meets twice weekly.
Safe, Sane and Consensual BDSM activites are the groups focus.

Tes hosts or sponsors many BDSM seminars, demonstrations, social events and play parties.

Lesbian Sex Mafia slave catherine is a member and just loves this support group

GMSMA Gay Male S/M Activists

Long Island Leather and Roses A Long Island Munch - meets weekly to discuss slected topics

D/s Diary An on-line diary hosted by slave monique

Dom/sub Friends (DsF) Founded by Sir Viktor in 1999 this New York City discussion/support group
has become very popular. Meetings are held weekly and hosts social events and play parties.

Lolita's Home Page Lolita is more a treasure than a resource.
She is very active in the BDSM scene, and we didn't know whether
to put her site into the New York or National Category since,
in the best tradition of pansexual people she crosses all boundaries,
but she lives here in NYC so we will claim her for our own!

New Jersey Listings:

MAsT: Central New Jersey A MAsT Chapter started by Sir Stephen and
slave catherine in March of 2005. This is a pansexual group open to anyone who
has an interest in the Master/slave lifestyle. All are welcome the only requirement for
membership is a desire to learn about the Master/slave dynamic, or to share your experiences.

New Jersey sub-Station Munch A local area munch that meets the third Wednesday of the munch.

Nice folks, nice food, come visit.

Structured Relationship Educational Lifestyle Events:

Master slave Conference Held in July in Washington, D.C.
This event originated in July 2004 and is owned by Master Taino.

Great Lake Leather Alliance Weekend Held in August in Indianopolis

Together in Leather This annual event is held in Charlotte, N.C.
Owned and hosted by International Master and slave 2002 Master Scott and slavette.

Southwest Leather Conference Held in Phoenix in December (although it we hear rumors
that it is moving to January). This is a wonderful event with a strong focus on spirituality.

South Plains Leatherfest This is the grand-daddy of Master slave conferences.
Owned by the International Master slave 2001 Master Jim, slave marsha and Mark F.
it hosts the International Master/slave Contest each year.

For those interested in the Gorean Lifestyle,
here is a link to a site, and an event,
you need to visit.





Some interesting, talented and informative friends:

Mistress Blair's Personal Site: Mistress Blair is a close personal friend and an extraordinary Mistress.
Owner of puppy the wonder boy!

Visit her site to find out more about Her, Her beliefs, Her practices, and Her cat Puck.

Sir Larry's Personal Site: Owner of slav barb. Another personal friend with a great leather heart
and always something interesting to say.



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