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My name is Sir Stephen I met my slave catherine on-line
in Virtual Places (now defunct).

That was in 1997. We are now married and living together in
New York City. As promised, we have posted pictures from
our combined Collaring/Wedding Ceremony that took place
on October 28th, 2000.

We share the comfort and joy that comes when a Master
and his slave are in a committed relationship, and have seen
fit to create the tangible proof of that commitment in many
our wedding vows, our wedding rings, her collar,
her daily rituals of service, her adherence to the schedule
I have written for her, and in our mutual understanding of
our roles and the rules that govern us both by virtue of our contract.

And most recently, on December 19, 2001, my slave received a
permanent mark of ownership:

The tattoo says:
"Beloved slave of Sir Stephen"
written in an Elvish Script.

We are both proud of this symbol of ownership,
commitment, and our shared love of each other and
the choice we have made to express all that
as Master and slave in an M/s relationship.

slave catherine offers a daily regimen for submissives and slaves who
are responsible for household service. (Visit her Basic Training Page).
It is designed to help both catherine, and all who choose to join her,
make sure that the household tasks demanded of them by
their Masters are accomplished to the high standards we set
for them and in the time frame allotted.

As of this date, July 18th 2004 the following information can be
added to this personal history:

December 5th, 2003, we moved from NYC to
Monroe Township in New Jersey.

We continue to refine the focus of our relationship from D/s
to Master/slave cast in the model of a Victorian Manor.

On July 24th, 2004 we had a House Blessing ceremony
for our new home attended by several of our lifestyle friends.

Later in the afternoon additional lifestyle friends joined us as catherine and I
enacted a ceremony rededicating ourselves to our relationship and our roles, responsibilities and goals as Master and slave.

We will also have our first ever cuttings designed to mark the
end of our lives based in NY, the end of a difficult period of transition,
and the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and our relationship.

Click on the links below for:

A copy of the Rededication Ceremony

Pictures of the Ceremony and Cutting Ritual

slave Cathy who was admitted to the Household in 2013 and collared in 2014.


To contact us please email us at: